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The Odyssey of Lonewulf

Homer had his issues.... I have mine.

28 August 1973
I'm a former computer tech. for one of the largest casino's in NYS. I've many interests, as you can tell from my interests link. I'm now currently working for the big phone/internet company that has the big V in it, and also has the letters erizon. Still only sleeping about 4 hrs a sleep a night. I'm currently trying to whip myself back into shape, since I haven't been in really good shape in about 10 years (since I got out of the Marines).
Just started in August of '08 to teach myself photography. Would love to become a professional making as much as my day job (just breaking 6 figures, but it's better than nothing... ;-P ), but I realize it's going to take a lot of work, but here hoping...

UPDATE: Just started working towards an Electronics Engineering degree, a BEET (Bachelors in Electronics Engineering Technology) degree to be specific. Still pretty early at this point, but thinking of specializing in wireless tech and industrial robotics.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention, (j/k) I'm happily married to my second wife ;) (as of sept '09, it's been 9 years) (Unfortunately, my first wife was slightly off her rocker, was committed for awhile, then ran away with another guy, ironically, she left him for another woman, so my ego wasn't quite as crushed as his.... ;)
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